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                           Serpentine Crank Pulleys

                                                      Exacting                            Performance
                                                    Tolerances:                              Driven:

         The  design  and  engineering        Our serpentine drive pulleys are     The high demands racing puts on
         process  for  serpentine  pulleys    CNC  machined  to  exacting          each driven engine accessory is
         and belts has been a top priority    tolerances,  promoting  optimal      intense.  The  proper  design  of
         of Jones Racing Products since       engagement  into  our  race          pulley  and  belt  along  with  a
         our inception in 1981. The ability   specific  engineered  belts.  This    tailored pulley ratio for the engine
         to have complete control over not    combination  will  drive  the        RPM’s  will  generate  the  most
         only  the  manufacturing  of  the    engine’s accessories without the     reliable  and  efficient  belt  drive
         pulleys  but  the  belts  as  well   worry of belt slip and premature     system. Many variables need to
         ensures our serpentine drives will   w e a r ,   a l l   w h i l e   s a v i n g   be  considered  when  choosing
         work  seamlessly  together.  Our     horsepower  due  to  decreased       the correct components for your
         manufacturing  process  starts       belt tensions.                       application.  Jones  Racing
         with  domestic  aluminum  bar                                             Products  has  the  extensive
         stock which is CNC machined in-                                           knowledge from our 35+ years of
         house  at  our  Pennsylvania                                              experience  to  ensure  our
         facility. Pulleys are then matched                                        customers’ drives run flawlessly.
         with their Jones counterpart, race
         specific serpentine belts. We are
         proud  to  manufacture  our
         complete serpentine drives in the
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