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                                  V-Belt Crank Pulleys

                    Billet                         Deep Grip-V:

                Aluminum:                                                                   Selection:

        The  same  pride  is  taken  in  the   Our  precisely  machined  Deep      Whether you are using the Deep
        manufacturing of our Deep Grip V-     Grip V-Belt groove design allows     G r i p   V- B e l t   p u l l e y s   f o r
        Belt  pulleys  as  the  rest  of  our   our pulleys to properly seat the   alternators, water pumps, power
        extensive  Jones  Racing  Products    belt  even  at  high  race  RPM’s.   steering  or  vacuum  pumps  our
        pulley  line.  CNC  machining  in  its   This  feature  maximizes  belt    comprehensive  selection  of
        entirety produces an accurate end     contact  for  traction.  With  our   pulleys will guarantee the proper
        product and using the proven black    d e s i g n ,   t h e   r e l i a b i l i t y   i s   sizing  of  both  the  crank  drive
        h a r d c o a t   fi n i s h   m a x i m i z e s   significantly  increased  by   pulley  and  the  driven  pulley,
        performance.  Our  billet  aluminum   reducing  the  risk  of  belt        resulting in the optimal ratio for
        Deep  Grip  V-  Belt  pulleys  feature   unseating.                        your application.
        wear resistance, supreme accuracy
        and  a  lightweight  design  without
        compromising strength.
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