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            Alternators & Alternator Components

               Lightweight:                        High Output:                         High Efficiency:

         The combination of performance       Our alternators are engineered to     Our alternators are designed to
         driven  reliability  and  our        provide the maximum amount of         create  a  high  output  at  a  low
         lightweight  design  produces  a     voltage  output  from  a  small       operating RPM. This allows our
         true racing alternator to meet our   sturdy  platform.  With  a  large     units  to  spin  much  slower,
         customer’s  high  demands.  One      range of output sizes offered, we      reducing  drag  and  saving
         of  the  advantages  of  the  dual   can provide a unit that will satisfy   valuable  horsepower.  The
         internal  fans  is  to  allow  for  a   the electrical demands all while   correct  alternator  for  the
         cooler  operating  temperature       saving  horsepower. The  correct      application  will  have  a  ratio
         which  promotes  the  units  to      alternator  will  allow  the  correct   between  1:1  and  1.5:1.  The
         produce  the  output  needed  to     voltage output from the smallest,     options to have either 12 volt or
         keep a full charge.                  lightest  unit  without  sacrificing   16 volt battery charging outputs
                                              efficiency or reliability               are  available  in  any  of  our
                                                                                    alternators.  The  one-wire
                                                                                    electrical  hookup  for  the
                                                                                    a l t e r n a t o r,   a l o n g   w i t h
                                                                                    numerous  bracket  mounting
                                                                                    options,  keeps  installation
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