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          Power Steering Pumps & Components

                Reservoir                          Performance                                 Wide
                 Options:                                Built:                             Selection

         We offer steering pumps with the      Every  one  of  our  Jones  Racing    Each  and  every  pump  Jones
         standard  -10  AN  return  fitting    Products  power  steering  pumps      R a c i n g   P r o d u c t s   o ff e r s
         along with different remote tank      is purpose built from the ground      undergoes complete testing on
         options  or  with  the  fabricated   up  for  performance.  The  CNC       our  custom  dyno  to  ensure
         aluminum  integrated  reservoir.     machined  housings  provide           maximum  efficiency  and
         Using  the  integrated  reservoir    accurate tolerances for the race      performance.  Pumps  can  be
         insures the pump will not starve     proven  internals  along  with        flow  and  pressure  tuned,
         for  fluid  regardless  of  track     enhanced  flow  characteristics.       replicating  the  demands  that
         conditions, plus offers the added     These  pumps  are  built  to          the  driver  desires  from  his
         benefit  of  an  easier  installation   withstand  the  demands  of  any    steering. With a large range of
         due to the elimination of the “-10   application whether you choose a      pulley  size  options  available,
         AN return fittings and hose” while    remote  mounted  fluid  reservoir      tuning the pump speed is easily
         still  keeping  plenty  of  fluid  in   pump with the -10 AN return fitting   achievable.  Using  these
         reserve in the high capacity tank.   or an integrated reservoir pump.      o p t i o n s   w i l l   b e n e fi t   a
         Internal baffling will keep the fluid                                         s u b s ta n ti a l   i n c r e a s e   i n
         calm  and  airless  even  at  high                                         efficiency and reliability for the
         RPM’s. The integrated reservoir                                            pump, fluid and pulleys along
         also  offers  numerous  routing                                             with  the  rest  of  the  steering
         options for the -6 AN return line                                          system.
         via  the  choice  of  using  the
         included straight 45⁰ or 90⁰ fitting
         in either the side of the reservoir
         or  the  bottom  making  for  easy
         clearance  for  other  chassis
         components.  The  integrated
         reservoir  is  topped  off  with  a
         vented a billet cap.
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