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                                                                   SP-3102-SB-1/4”           SP-3102-BB-1/4”
                                                                   SP-3102-SB-3/8"           SP-3102-BB-3/8"
                                                                   SP-3102-SB-1/2"           SP-3102-BB-1/2"
                                                                   SP-3102-SB-3/4”           SP-3102-BB-3/4”

               an “A”  signifies an 1-1/8” Inside Diameter
               a “B”  signifies an 1” Inside Diameter
               SP-6103-G- (A or B)  1/16” Thick                      SP-6103-WC-A Dual Dowel 1/4” Thick
               SP-6103-A- (A or B)  1/4” Thick                       SP-6103-WC-B Dual Dowel 3/8” Thick
               SP-6103-B- (A or B) 3/8” Thick                        SP-6103-WC-C Dual Dowel 1/2” Thick
               SP-6103-C- (A or B) 1/2” Thick                        SP-6103-WC-D Dual Dowel 3/4” Thick
               SP-6103-D- (A or B) 3/4” Thick                        SP-6103-WC-E Dual Dowel 1.0” Thick
               SP-6103-E- (A or B) 1.0” Thick                        SP-6103-WC-F Dual Dowel 1-1/4” Thick
               SP-6103-F- (A or B) 1-1/4”Thick                       SP-6103-WC-K  Dual Dowel Spacer Assortment
               SP-6103-K- (A or B)  Spacer Assortment

                                                                        DH-8101-ADP-SB (BBC DH to SBC Bal. Adapter)
                                                                        DH-8101-ADP-CT  (DH to SBC Bal. w/ Crank Trigger)
                                                                        DH-3102-ADP        (SBC to BBC Bal. Adapter)
        BBC DH to     BBC DH to       SBC DH to           Chevy to      DH-3102-F3-ADP   (3-Bolt BBC to 3-Bolt Ford Bal.)
           SBC        SBC w. CT      BBC Balancer        Ford 3-Bolt

                                                                   Mounts “CS-3102-WC” V-Belt pulleys
                                                                   BBC bolt pattern and register
                                                                   Use DH-8101-ADP-SB     for SBC
                                                                   Use DH-8101-F3-ADP    for SBF
                                                                   Use w/ DHS-3102-SK-BC     Shim Kit

                                                                   DH-3102-A for 1 Split-Vs
                                                                   DH-3102-B for 2 Split-Vs
                                                                   DH-3102-D for 3 Split-Vs
                                                                   DH-3102-C for 4 Split-Vs

                                   DHS-3102-1/4”                   6- 0.020 Shim
                                   DHS-3102-3/8"                   DHS-3102-SK-C
                                   DHS-3102-1/2"                   1- .060 Shim
                                   DHS-3102-3/4”                   DHS-3102-SK-BC
                                                                   2- 0.060 Shim & 6 - 0.020 Shims
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