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           Billet aluminum SBC drive hub.
           The base registers inside your
           SB balancer and has a built-in
           nut to turnover the engine.                                           2.4”

           The “A” version has a built-
           in spacer to align with “C”
           offset WP pulleys. The 2.4,
           2.5, 2.7,  2.9, 3.5, & 4”
           measurements are taken
           from the front face of the                                 DH-8101-NE-B-2.4” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-C)
           nut to the end of the shaft.    DH-8101-NE-A-2”            DH-8101-NE-B-2.5” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-C)
                                                                      DH-8101-NE-B-2.7” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-D)
           The nut stands a 1/2” tall     Uses Bolt & End cap kit:    DH-8101-NE-B-2.9” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-D)
           of the balancer.                     BEC-2109-C            DH-8101-NE-B-3.5” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-E)
                                                                      DH-8101-NE-B-4.0” (Bolt & End cap kit: BEC-2109-F)

                                                                  Bolts to the face of your SBC
                                  1.187” (DH-8101-WC-SB)          balancer, independent of the
                                  0.900” (DH-8101-09-SB)          balancer bolt!

                                                                  DH-8101-09-SB (Low Profile)
                                                                  Uses a self contained
                                                                  end bolt, bolt kit#

                                          3.500”                  DH-8101-ADP-SB
                                                                  SBC DH Register
                                                                  SBC DH Register for Crank Trigger

           Aluminum SB Dual Dowel       pin drive hub             DH-8101-C-DP
           Bolts to balancer face via SK-2109-DK.
           Uses thru bolt to retain balancer.

           Aluminum SB thread-in mandrel         Aluminum SB thread-in hub.  Bolts
           hub, fits inside of the balancer &    to balancer via SK-2109-DK   & uses
                   uses a thru bolt to retain                     a thru bolt to retain   DHM-8101-A  1.06”x 1-1/8”
                                                                                                     3.5” x 1-1/8”
                           it & the balancer.                           the balancer.     DHM-8101-C  4.0” x 1-1/8”
                                                                                          DHM-8101-D  4.5” x 1-1/8”
                                                                                          DHM-8101-E  5.0” x 1-1/8”
                                DH-8101-A                               DH-8101-C         DHM-8101-F  5.5” x 1-1/8”
                                                                                          DHM-8101-G  4.0” x 1” O.D.
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